Rutland Railroad Archives
at Middlebury College


     The Rutland Railroad Archives are part of the Special Collections of the Main Library at Middlebury College. The Archives contain photographs and other information for about 75 railroads in addition to the Rutland Railroad. Most of the material in the archives has been donated by members of the Rutland Railroad Historical Society and the archives include a great variety of resources: books, periodicals, photographs, maps, timetables, annual reports, legal proceedings, equipment inventories, stock certificates and newspaper clippings. The earliest item in the archives is an 1848 map of the route of the Vermont Valley Railroad. The archives are housed in an area that is climate controlled and protected from outside light. Users are requested to use pencils only and to wear gloves when handling material that is not protected by acrylic sleeves. Selected photographs and other resources and being digitized to make them available to a broad audience without having to visit the library. Books may borrowed through Inter-Library Loan and other material can be photocopied or digitized


     To maintain a reasonable balance between security and accessibility, the material in the Rutland Railroad Archives is divided into two adjacent locations. Most of the books and periodicals are shelved in the Vermont Collection on the lower level of the Main Library, adjacent to Special Collections, and all other material, such as photographs and manuscripts, is part of our Special Collections.

     Material in the Vermont Collection is accessible during normal library hours, as follows



7:30 am - 1 am



7:30 am - 11 pm



9:00 am - 11 pm



9:00 am - 1 am

     Material in Special Collections is accessible as follows:


Monday - Friday

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Tues, Wed., & Thurs.

6:30 pm - 10 pm


Other times

By appointment

     Library hours when school is not in session are posted at


     Addison Railroad

     Guide to the Rutland Railroad Archives

     MIDCAT (An online catalog to books and periodicals available at Middlebury College)

     100 of the Best Photographs of John Gardner, by Philip R. Jordan
     Presentation on the Rutland Railroad Archives, with selected images. (requires Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded
     Railroad Postcards (Sharing Vermont History project)

     Railroad Postcards (Digital Collections at Middlebury College)
          Searchable by subject as outlined below:
                    Click on "Advanced Search" on the top menu bar
                    Type "railroad" in the top line (All of the words) and then click on Search
                    Scroll through the hitlist and click on any images that you would like to view full size.
                    Right click with the cursor over the image to display a menu bar
                    Click on "Save Picture As..." to download the image to your computer as a .jpg file.
     Railroad Stocks and Bonds

     Remembering the Rutland

     Selected images from the Poulin Collection of Rutland Railroad Photographs

     Rutland Railroad Presentation


     Reference or research questions relating to the Rutland Railroad Archives may be sent to the Curator of the Vermont Collection, Hans Raum, at or by mail to Hans Raum, Main Library, Room 211, 110 Storrs Avenue, Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont 05753. Or you are welcome to call him at (802) 443-5493 during weekday hours.

Heaton Bullock Memorial Fund

     This fund was established in 1999 to provide support for archival conservation, digitizing and creating metadata for collections that have been donated to the Rutland Railroad Archives. Persons wishing to make a contribution to the fund may send a check made out to Middlebury College to the address given above. Middlebury College is a non-profit institution and donations to the College are tax deductible.