Minutes of the Philomathesian Society

July 23, 1843

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Philomathesian Room July 23, 1843.
Society met by call of the President at 8 o'clock A.M. The roll was called, When Bowe presented the following resolution which was unanimously adopted. "Resolved, that an invitation be extended to Mr. Henry N. Hudson, to address the Philomathesian Society Wednesday evening July 23." The following resolutions were then presented by Myres.
"Resolved that the thanks of this society be tendered to Mr. Emerson for his able & eloquent address before the Society on the 22nd inst."
"Resolved that a copy of the above resolution signed by the Rev. [?] be presented to Mr. Emerson." Motion was then made by Bowe that a copy of the address be requested for publication. Remarks were then made upon the motion "Roet Con." Motion was then made that the roll be called & members answer to their names stating how many copies they will take. Stewart guarantiesing that they should not cost more than eight cents per copy. Carried. The roll was then called & 193 copies were taken. Motion was then passed that "when we adjourn we adjourn to meet at the Vestry immediately after the exercises of the Senior Class." Some remarks were then made relative to passing the resolutions of Myres & the Society adj.

3 ½ o'clock P.M.
Met at the Vestry & after the calling to order Stewart reported the results of his conference with the Alumni. The resolutions of Myres were then passed & also the resolutions requesting a copy for publication after which the Society adj'd.
S. Albee, Sec.

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