Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli


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"I would that I could, I know afar off that I cannot, give the light and shades, the hopes and outlooks that come to me in these strange, cold-warm, attractive-repelling conversations with Margaret, whom I always admire, most revere when I nearest see, and sometimes love, -- yet whom I freeze, and who freezes me to silence, when we seem to promise to come nearest…[She] is "a being of unsettled rank in the universe." So proud and presumptuous, yet so meek ; so worldly and artificial and with keenest sense and taste for all pleasures of luxurious society, yet living more than any other for long periods in a trance of religious sentiment; a person who, according to her own account of herself, expects everything for herself from the Universe." (RWE, Journal, 1841)

Margaret Fuller's memoirs were posthumously edited and published by William Ellery Channing.

[ full text - offsite at the University of Michigan Digital Library ]

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