Essays, First and Second Series

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

ESSAYS, FIRST SERIES. (First Edition) Boston, J. Munroe and company, 1841.
History.--Self-reliance.--Compensation.--Spiritual laws.--Love.-- Friendship.--Prudence.--Heroism.--The over-soul.--Circles.--Intellect.--Art.
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ESSAYS, SECOND SERIES. (First Edition) Boston, J. Munroe and Co., 1844.
The poet.--Experience.--Character.--Manners.--Gifts.--Nature.-- Politics.--Nominalist and realist.--New England reformers (a lecture)
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It was his winter lecture tours, however, which first made Emerson famous among his contemporaries. These lectures received their final form in his series of Essays. The most notable among them are "The Over-Soul," "Compensation," and "Self-Reliance." It is likely that the publication of the second series in 1844 had an impact on student readers of the Philomathesian Society, prompting the Society's invitation to Emerson.

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