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Robert Frost at Bread Loaf

Letters | Manuscripts

Letters to friends and acquaintances on diverse subjects including his "new book" etc spanning 1913 – 1948, as well as holograph manuscripts of the poems "Telescopic" and "Voice Ways."

Frost taught in New Hampshire schools for five years before he went to England in 1912. This letter is to a school administrator who had earlier helped Frost get a teaching position in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Letter to Thomas Bird Mosher (1852 – 1923), a publisher from Portland, Maine and a colleague and frequent correspondent of Frost.

William Stanley Braithwaite (1878 – 1962) was a poet, critic, and the editor of the annual Anthology of Magazine Verse. In this important letter Frost provides biographical information and discusses some of his theories of speech.

Letter to Halley Gilchrist, vice-president of the Poetry Society of Southern Vermont, discussing an upcoming reading in Arlington, Vermont. Frost and his wife bought a home in South Shaftsbury the following year.

Frost's twenty-fifth anniversary tribute to Bread Loaf School of English addressed to Frost collector Earle Bernheimer. The tribute was published in a booklet commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the School in 1944.

Holograph letter to Helen Hartness Flanders inscribed on the last four pages of Frost's 1949 Christmas booklet, On a Tree Fallen Across the Road (To Hear Us Talk), published by Spiral Press. Frost discusses Flanders' "remarkable collection" and encourages her to donate it to the Abernethy Library at Middlebury College.

Holograph draft of "Telescopic."

Holograph draft of "Voice Ways." The first line was changed in the final draft.