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Robert Frost at Bread Loaf

Robert Frost: Verbatim

From the mid-1920s until Frost's death in 1963, Reginald L. Cook, Middlebury College graduate and long-time director of the Bread Loaf School of English, kept detailed notes of all his meetings with Robert Frost. The resulting journals include records of private conversations, trivia such as what Frost wore and ate, and transcriptions of Frost's formal lectures. The diary entries are presented with accuracy rather than style, by the author's own admission, and while they reveal Frost as a gifted conversationalist with a wide range of interests, they also uncover many of his idiosyncrasies. Nothing is glossed over, although Cook notes correctly and without apology that many of Frost's views and reactions "grew out of his time." The excerpts here were selected to represent the time period involved.

Middlebury, Vermont | 21 May 1943